The Habitat Home Ownership Program is a self-help program where our local Habitat affiliate provides affordable home ownership opportunities through a partnership program. Providing a stable, long-term home environment, pride of ownership, and the chance to learn new skills and make new friends along the way, the Habitat Home Ownership Program offers a life-changing opportunity that results in a very positive and beneficial experience for our Partner Families.
There are three areas in which applicants must qualify which are need, ability to pay, and your partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County.  Please continue for more information.

The first qualification for the Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Program is the need for better housing.
You will actually buy your home from Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County.  An affordable mortgage is written for 15 – 30 years at below market fixed interest rates.
Habitat considers all stable sources of income as well as how long you have had the income.  Habitat also obtains a credit report on all applicants, although we do not expect perfect credit.
Below are the guidelines for stable gross annual income (before taxes).  If you are not sure if your income meets these guidelines, we strongly encourage you to submit your application for us to review and make a determination


 2014 Income Guidelines Areas other than Luna Pier
Family Size Lower Limit Upper Limit
One $34,000 $35,700
Two $34,000 $40,800
Three $34,000 $45,900
Four $34,000 $50,950
Five $34,000 $55,050
Six $34,000 $59,150
Seven $34,000 $63,200

*Gross menas before deductions

  2014 Income Guidelines-Luna Pier  
Family Size Lower Limit Higher Limit
One $26,000 $35,700
Two $26,000 $40,800
Three $26,000 $45,900
Four $26,000 $50,950
Five $26,000 $55,050
Six $26,000 $59,150
Seven $26,000 $63,200

When selected, you become a partner with Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County.  You will be asked to contribute 200 hours per adult of volunteer work, called sweat equity, with Habitat, which must be completed before owning the home.  Sweat equity may include:  clearing the lot, painting, helping with construction, volunteering at Habitat functions, learning how to budget your finances, and learning construction and maintenance techniques for your new home.
A $1,000 down-payment can be saved over the duration of the program.
You are responsible for maintenance and repairs of your house from the time you sign the mortgage and move in.
You must be willing to accept assistance from a volunteer mentor through the preparation & building process.
Special accommodations may be made for those with disabilities.
The process begins with a completed application, which can be downloaded from here or picked up at the business office or ReStore. Please return your application along with copies of your most recent pay check stubs, prior year w2 statement and federal tax returns to Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County offices.  The offices are located at 14930 LaPlaisance Road Suite 111, Monroe, MI 48161.
You will be notified of the status of your application status within 30 days of receipt of your completed application.
Once accepted, you will be invited to an orientation meeting where you will get all of the information you need to be a successful homebuyer partner with Habitat.

Habitat Hope is a FREE education-based program designed to build a stronger financial future for potential and current Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County homeowners. 

The Habitat Hope program provides the tools necessary to improve your financial health and prepares you for homeownership! 

Once you apply for the Habitat homeownership program, it will be determined if you are eligable to enter into the Habitat Hope program. As each applicant accomplishes goals in the Hope program, they will moved into the traditional Habitat homeownership program.   
Director of Homeownership
Office: (734) 243-2048

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  • Marlene has lived in her Habitat for Humanity home for two and a half years. She lived in a 41 year old mobile home before that. Since she has been laid off for more than a year, she doesn't think she could have kept up with the rent payments. Her home is much more affordable.
  • Susan and her daughter Molly moved into their Habitat for Humanity home two years ago. They lived in a house that was used as a store by Susan's great-grandmother.
  • Habitat for Humanity International is ranked as the sixth largest homebuilder in the United States with 6,032 closings in 2010, according to Builder magazine’s annual survey. This is the second consecutive year Habitat has ranked in the top 10 on the list.
  • Sam and Samantha moved into their Habitat for Humanity four bedroom home in March 2010 eight months after being accepted into the program. The home was built in 2004 for another Habitat family whose work took them to another state. Sam and Samantha worked hard to help rehab their home so it was just like new when they moved in.
  • Betty and her daughter moved into their Habitat for Humanity three bedroom home in 2007, nine months after she was accepted in the program. The Monroe High School Construction Tech students built it. Betty always brought pizza to the site for the kids and they will always remember this. Her home is on a dead end street that backs up to a cemetery. Betty likes her quiet neighbors.
  • Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County is currently accepting applications for new homeowners!