Volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity construction site will be one of the most rewarding experiences you can offer your employees. Habitat welcomes partner companies to roll up thier sleeves and assist in the construction of a Habitat home through
the Adopt-a-Day program.

Employees will feel a sense of camaraderie as they strengthen relationships with their co-workers and a sense of pride knowing their team-building dollars go to support something enduring: a lasting and ideal solution to the local housing crisis.

As part of your Adopt-a-Day with Habitat for Humanity, we ask you to  provide a sponsorship to help offset the cost of construction materials, staff oversight, tools, and contractor-fees—thereby  providing the two largest needs of habitat...volunteers and  financial resources.

At the $100* per person sponsorship level, the number of volunteers in your group will determine the sponsorship, and for this your group will receive:
  • A building site with the necessary materials, tools, and supplies for the tasks of the day. Habitat homebuyers may also participate in the build.
  • Exclusive site for your group only, depending on the size of your group.
  • Habitat Monroe t-shirt, group picture, and lunch on site.
  • A media opportunity with a press on Habitat letterhead, along with images of the day.
  • Recognition on our facebook, website and in e-newsletters.
*Donation is tax deductible.     * Financial contribution is flexible.
Funds can be provided through fundraisers, grants, foundations, and/or individual donations. Adopt-a-Day program can be customized as needed.

Of course, what makes Habitat's Adopt-a-Day program special is that your efforts will extend beyond the boundaries of your organization. Your team will play a key role in helping a neighbor become a homeowner and break the cycle of poverty. For more information about Adopting A Day contact Cheri at (734)243-2048 or cwillis@habitatmonroemi.org
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  • Habitat volunteers and homeowners worked together to build 3 homes in 10 days from June 10th to the 20th. Starting with prayer each day, we completed our tasks in all kinds of weather to the finished house.