Welcome Americorp!

If you have been on our build site this month, you may have seen a hard-working young man talking about Americorps. His name is Mark Weddington and he is the newest team member of the Habi-crew. 

Mark began his term with Americorps in September, serving with Habitat Monroe as the Volunteer Services Coordinator. He’s a 23 year old student at the University of Toledo who is passionate about service work. He is majoring in history and working towards a minor in social services.

“Looking back through history I can see what different types of people have thought, said, and experienced. Using this information I want to both help them build upon their successes and break through their barriers,” Mark said. “Learning about the past, taking certain aspects of it, and promoting social change and development are what I think can enrich the human experience.”

  As chair of his fraternity, Kappa Delta Rho, he works closely with many charitable causes including Relay for Life, RockeTHON, Toledo Food Bank, Cherry Street Mission, Charity Miles, and MSAA. 

Not to mention, Habitat Monroe where Mark has been volunteering with his fraternity before he even knew of the Americorps program or his future position. Kappa Delta Rho has been building on Habitat houses in Monroe for about six years. 

In addition to being a full time student, full time Americorps member, and chair of his fraternity, Mark is also in the Army Reserves. 

Despite his full calendar, Mark has high hopes for what he’ll accomplish during his time with Habitat Monroe.

“Through Americorps and Habitat I hope to learn the ins and outs of both organizations during my term,” he said. “Specifically what it takes to be a leader, how to be involved with Habitat in all aspects from volunteering to home ownership, what services are offered to people in order to better their lives, and how to reach out to a wider audience stressing the importance of service to the community.”